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    *email gchistorymentors@gmail.com for application samples
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    • Caregiving and Graduate School: Whether you’re a parent, care for a relative, or are thinking about becoming a caregiver, we invite you to join our group centered on balancing caregiving while in graduate school. We discuss the policies and practices of the GC around caregiving, share our own experiences, and get advice from our peers in a welcoming environment. We meet via Zoom on a monthly basis, figuring out the best time each month via Doodle Polls. To get added to our email list, please email gchistorycaregivers@gmail.com
    • Reading Group on Gender, Race, and Sexuality: If you are interested in joining the Reading Group on Gender, Race, and Sexuality, please email grshistory.gc@gmail.com. We meet every other week during the semester on Friday at 3:30pm via Zoom, with a different member leading us through a new reading each session.