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Anti-Racist Classrooms Workshop, 10/19 at 12pm via Zoom

You are invited to a Peer Mentors Program anti-racist pedagogy workshop on October 19, 2020 at 12pm via Zoom. This is the first event in a series of workshops that are planned for the coming months. The PMP has planned this series with the intention to continue our support of students in their roles as instructors and colleagues, with an emphasis on anti-racist pedagogy.

This workshop is intended to encourage graduate teaching fellows, adjuncts, and other History students who will teach in the future to identify their personal biases and reflect on how they impact their behavior in, and conversations about, teaching in CUNY schools.

Dr. Adjoa Osei, a clinical psychologist who specializes in these topics, will present about bias within academia and how to point it out to peers and faculty. She will also speak about ways to be actively anti-racist in our classrooms.

After Dr. Osei’s presentation, we will facilitate a candid discussion about how biases can shape how we interact with and talk about our undergraduate students. The goal of this conversation is to discuss difficulties while also crowdsourcing solutions. We hope to reflect on our behaviors while holding ourselves accountable and generate actionable steps to improve our praxis.

To RSVP, please fill out this Google Forms survey []

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